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I’m attorney Millard Ramsey and today is our first post, so I just wanted to take a moment and say a few things about what this blog is about and why it will be useful to you.

If you’ve already visited our Chattanooga bankruptcy website, you may have already had a chance to get to know us, our philosophy, our team members, our history and most importantly, what we do for you.

But this blog is not really about our bankruptcy firm.  This bankruptcy blog is mostly about providing you with helpful, educational, encouraging and important information all centered around empowering you in increasing your financial knowledge and skill.

Bankruptcy is something that helps many people, from all walks of life, and with all levels of financial knowledge…it’s a way of rescuing you from difficult and painful times.  And as much as we love helping people in handling their bankruptcy with genuine care, knowledge and expertise…we love even more, educating and empowering people with the tools and information they need to not only recover from something like bankruptcy, but also explore other options as well.

One of the most valuable things I hear from my clients, is the empowerment they received from the ongoing education and help we continued to provide after their bankruptcy.  Almost everyone who files with us is in a situation out of their control, by no real fault of their own.  And many times they were not given the important education and information that could have made the difference, had they been equipped years before.

So part of what we as a bankruptcy firm will be doing on this blog is to regularly provide valuable, relevant and truly helpful education, tools and just overall information for your financial success.  

And whether you’ve filed for bankruptcy before, are thinking about it, or don’t even think it is something you need to do…I hope this blog will become a regular source of empowerment and just plain financial smarts for you and anyone else you think may benefit from it!

So thanks for stopping by, and feel free to subscribe to get an email each time we post something new!  We’ll never post more than 1 time per day, and we will NEVER sell your information or spam your address…we hate that stuff too.

Thanks and blog-atcha again soon!

~ Millard

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